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29 years of Consistent Quality

SPECTROCHEM was born in 1984 to meet the challenges of chemistry. The introduction and employment of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) systems across laboratories in India was foreseen by Spectrochem. We took up the challenge to be posed by a new, revolutionary technology. Scientists were totally dependent on expensive solvent imports for their HPLC systems. Spectrochem developed and started manufacturing a range of HPLC & UV solvents way back in 1985 and today, we have a range of HPLC & UV solvents envied by manufacturers worldwide.

Our range has been developed by our customers, ever demanding, ever improving, constantly staying ahead, helping us grow.

As research in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, life sciences and biotechnology grew, we increased our range to substitute imported chemicals for analysis and research. Today, we have a range of over 3000 items. Proudly, we state that 90% of our product range are specialty chemicals, suited for high tech research. We also take pride in the fact that more than 50% of our product range is unavailable from our local competitors. We export a sizable chunk of our production to fine chemical users and catalogue houses across the world.

Our parent company, Scientific & Industrial Supplies Corporation (SISCO), established in 1946, is one of the foremost laboratory chemical companies in India. SISCO holds an inventory of over 5000 imported products from various reputed manufacturers worldwide.

From a single manufacturing plant in 1984, Spectrochem now has seven manufacturing facilities at Tarapur MIDC. Sustained growth has been a mantra at Spectrochem! We have consistently delivered on our commitments to all stake holders while expanding our range and resources.

"Economical service" is the buzzword at Spectrochem. Economy - by providing chemicals of stringent specifications, high purity and precision at low cost. Service - by providing these rare and fine chemicals quickly through our strong distribution network. Most items are available ex-stock.


Research & Development

We are a fine & specialty chemical company, looking forward in the directions our customers carve out for us.

We work with them to develop new products so they can overcome all technological hurdles posed to them as they explore the vast unknown of scientific research.

A few examples :

  • Pioneers in the development and manufacture of HPLC grade solvents in India. Spectrochem offers the largest range of HPLC solvents in the country
  • Complete in house development and production of Ion-pairing reagents (Sodium alkane sulfonates). Excellent UV values and low level of impurities enhance your analysis
  • Sourced, processed and supplied specialty silane compounds for propellant fuel and other applications in ISRO's space program. Honoured with Certificate of Merit on 14-05-1996 on occasion of launch of SLV-3 by ISRO. Spectrochem is the only laboratory chemical company to have received this honour.
  • Development of all ingredients for CDRI's blockbuster contraceptive - Centchroman. We have been associated with the project from its very inception. Till date, we manufacture and supply bulk quantities of critical components of this molecule.
  • Development and scale up of Dess Martin Periodinane - started with 100g, now manufacturing more than 1500 kg every year
  • Development of GC grade solvents for Residual Solvent Analysis. Spectrochem offers the largest range of GC Grade solvents.

Production Facilities

Our multipurpose production units range in size from 1-8000L. We are well equipped to handle various reactions and purification processes. All glass units ensure the highest degree of purity for the many specialty, fine chemicals we produce.

Our team of well educated and skilled staff supervises over an extremely well disciplined and knowledgeable work force.


We handle a variety of chemistries and offer bulk custom synthesis and contract manufacturing opportunities.

Glass lined Reactors with all glass assemblies
Size : 250 - 8000 liters.
15 nos.
SS 316 Reactors
Size : 50 - 2000 liters.
10 nos.
All Glass Units
Size : 1 – 50 liters.
50 sets.
SS 316 Basket Centrifuge
4 nos.
Tray Dryers
8 nos.
SS Nutch Filter
4 nos.
1 no.
SS Ball Mill
2 nos.
0 TO 1700C (up to 10kg/cm2)
0 TO 1300C
0 TO 2500C
0 TO -150C
50mm Hg (by water Ring Vacuum Pump)
1 mm Hg (upto 3000L– by Diaphragm Pump)
Oil free, dry .

Custom Synthesis

Spectrochem has established a new Research & Development Centre on 26th December 2012. A hand-picked team consisting of fine chemists from various fields will deliver fine chemicals, intermediates and building blocks. These products can be scaled up at our own facilities in the future.

Spectrochem aims to be a reliable long term partner for your research molecules, all the way up to commercialization.

Key strengths :

  • Fully equipped R&D department to develop fine chemicals according to client needs (Custom Synthesis)
  • Dedicated pilot plant facilities for high value small scale and semi bulk synthesis)
  • Team of dedicated scientists have developed many import substitute items in past 28 years
  • Custom synthesis facility available for items not available in our catalog. We can develop many compounds against specific requirements)
  • Working with prestigious requirements of scientists from leading public and private research centres to develop special products for their high priority projects.

Cost Benefit Equation

Taking a look at the solvent prices? compare these prices along with the real cost of wasted hours spent repeating analytical procedure because of containment the analyst could not trace.

The Cost of work scrapped because of column was deactivated with a "Cheaper" solvent.

The Cost of equipment downtime, due to containment.

The Cost in lab bench time, to standardize less reliable solvents.

The Cost of replacing sophisticated equipment, due to trace corrosives.

The Cost of regenerating columns, because of low quality solvent residues.

Use of SPECTROCHEM solvent of consistent reliability is a LOT OF VALUE.



News & Events

Launch of new website along with link to download COA's online. Please register yourself to avail the facility
New R+D Centre inaugurated at E-6/2, Tarapur. Well equipped Research Centre with a strong team for custom synthesis and fine chemistry
We have moved our HO! New address : Office # 2, First floor, 384-M,Dabholkar Wadi, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai – 400002
New facility starts production at E-6/2, Tarapur. Addition of 100MTPA installed capacity
Acquisition of new plant at E-88/89, Tarapur. Future expansion on track