From Small Seeds to Big Trees

Quality and innovation are our roots.

From Small Seeds to Big Trees

Our Story

Spectrochem is a family business. With roots planted in a legacy trading company in the 1940s, it gradually grew over the years from one manufacturing plant to eight modern facilities with high-tech R&D departments. Since then, Spectrochem has grown from producing 17 HPLC solvents to over 3500 fine chemicals, and continues to expand.

A manufacturing plant is opened for HPLC grade solvents, later expanding the range to organic and fine chemicals.

An additional manufacturing plant is opened for organic chemicals, intermediates and phase transfer catalysts.

Spectrochem is awarded the Certificate of Merit during the launch of SLV-3 by ISRO. We are the only chemical company to have received this honour.

A further warehouse and basic chemistry laboratory is established.

A new warehouse, repacking division, and dedicated facility for GC grade solvents and sensitive reagents is opened. Alongside this, a new research centre catering to low volume and high value products and an additional manufacturing plant for custom synthesis molecules are also established.

A new R&D Centre is opened in Tarapur, with a team focused on custom synthesis and fine chemistry. Once it started production, an additional 100 MTPA were installed at capacity. In the same year, a new manufacturing plant for organic chemicals and intermediates dedicated for custom synthesis molecules and medium to lage volume products for industry is also opened.

Establishment of new warehouse with different temperature controlled zones and modern racking systems

A new plot is purchased for future expansion.


Major Achievements

Spectrochem is a research chemical company that stands at the cutting-edge of science.
We have worked with companies on pioneering projects such as:

  • Anti-cancer drugs
  • Centchroman, India’s first blockbuster birth control pill at CDRI
  • C-Si matrix, a technology used to build materials that can withstand very high and rapidly changing temperatures
  • Participating with major government institutions and private sector customers on research projects

Our Founding Core Values

For over 40 years, we’ve built and refined our reputation as one of India’s leading chemical companies around four core values: quality assurance, pioneering research, trust and environmental protection.


Through our fully fledged Quality Management System, ISO9001:2015 and regular audits, we are committed to providing the highest level of excellence for our customers. This means achieving “zero-defect manufacturing” and supplying the highest standard products on time, every time.


We strive to always stay at the cutting edge of science, offering the most up-to-date, innovative selection of chemicals on the market.


Our customers are deeply important to us. We are committed to building strong business bridges with all our customers while providing a reliable and efficient service you can trust. We support our customers with consistent quality, realistic timelines, reliable supply and full GMP compliance.


Environmental protection is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to the continual development of our safety, health and environment management team and its performance.

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