Launch of Spectrochem App

Serving you as a leader in the synthesis and supply of high-quality laboratory and research chemicals for over 32 years, Spectrochem provides a digital medium for services through a mobile catalog application.

Launched as the first step towards realizing the vision of a digital revolution, Spectrochem’s catalog app reduces paper-based waste through a dynamic solution that’s searchable, damage-proof, easily accessible and updated in real-time for the most current selection of high-tech chemicals. As you scroll through the app, you can easily browse Spechtrochem’s line of chemicals by category, view detailed descriptions, or request a quote based on the most current availability and pricing. With real-time updates, you’ll also be the first to enjoy immediate access to the fastly-growing range of Spectrochem’s purity solvents and specialty chemicals instantly as they are being made available.

Developed to function seamlessly across a range of mobile devices, the app supports traditional touchscreen features and a search function integrated with product code, CAS number or chemical name for easy identification of available products.

Embrace the evolution of mobile for a more sustainable future through Spechtrochem’s innovative approach to fine laboratory chemical catalogue solutions. As the first of their mobile initiatives, enjoy continued updates as the team of industry experts continues to enhance the app for additional functions and features.

Spectrochem Catalog Features

  • Classified catalog browsing
  • Catalog updates pushed directly to your mobile device
  • Real-time updates of product inventory and pricing
  • Real-time streaming on Internet connection
  • Automatic database download for offline reading
  • Navigation and distribution between all categories of chemicals
  • Search within categories by SKU, case code or product name
  • Request for quote with real-time submission
  • Company overview

Digital Features

  • Finger swipe scrolling
  • Touch screen optimization
  • Facing page screen orientation
  • Multi-view style options
  • Browse by category

Expansion of Analytical Facilities


As part of our ongoing strategic expansion, we have upgraded our analytical strength with the induction of new state of the art Agilent HPLC systems. These systems are capable of handling advanced HPLC analysis involving 600 bar pressure. Analysis of many complex molecules becomes easier for us!

Spectrochem R+D achieves success with new molecules

Spectrochem R+D team has been scripting stellar success, with continuous development and scale up of niche molecules, import substitute reagents and fine organic chemicals. Spectrochem foresees considerable growth coming from new molecules developed in-house for our revered customers, all over the world! Please contact us for exciting new opportunities in collaborative & custom development of fine chemicals and intermediates.