Organic Specialties for Synthesis

We’re committed to the continual conservation and protection of the environment.

Organic Specialties for Synthesis

Working alongside nature is a critical part of being human. When we defy nature, the results can be detrimental for generations to come. That’s why we have our own effluent treatment plant that disposes 90% of our waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

As part of our commitment to conserve natural resources, we provide training for all employees, contractors, visitors and surrounding communities. We are committed to:

Complying with all legal
environmental requirements
Recycling more than
90% of our waste
Reducing hazardous substances
or using safer alternatives
Trialling all new products
with a safety, health and
environmental risk assessment
Educating employees about safety,
health and environmental requirements
Our policy for the protection of safety, health and the environment is shared and made available to all employees and can be available to the public upon request.Download Certificate

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