Organic Specialties for Synthesis

We’re committed to the continual conservation and protection of the environment.

Organic Specialties for Synthesis

Solar initiative

Spectrochem is currently trialling a corrosion resistant high efficiency solar power system. We plan to install these high tech solar panels in all our premises by mid 2024, thereby reducing our electrical power consumption by 60-70% per annum.

Fuel efficiency

Since 2016, we consistently use BIODIESEL in all our boilers. We use high quality additives in our diesel inputs, resulting in significant fuel savings. These initiatives go a long way in reducing GHGs and improving the efficiency of our generators + boilers.

Corrosion protection & hygiene

We use scientifically advanced, custom-made corrosion inhibitors and cleaners in our plant to keep our environment clean and corrosion free.

Our policy for the protection of safety, health and the environment is shared and made available to all employees and can be available to the public upon request.

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